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Three enterprises dumped waste emulsion fined

Source : JiuPei(Shanghai) │ Date : 2016-12-05 | Clicks: Loading ...

Recently, Yuhuan County Environmental Protection Bureau Kanmen environmental law enforcement officers in law enforcement inspections, found a river within the traces of suspected emulsions.

Law enforcement officers immediately on the surrounding enterprises to survey and found that three machinery manufacturing enterprises will waste emulsion through the wall of the workshop wall hole discharge. Law enforcement officers immediately on the three companies to initiate an investigation, ordered to immediately rectify and standardize environmental behavior.

It is understood that emulsions are widely used in mechanical processing vehicles, milling, grinding, cutting and other processes, due to the use of emulsion to a certain extent after the corruption, deterioration, smelly, and therefore need to be replaced to produce waste emulsion. According to the 2016 "National List of Hazardous Wastes", waste emulsion is hazardous waste.

Law enforcement officers, the dumping of waste emulsion to the river will seriously pollute the water quality, destruction of ecology, resulting in the river black smelly. In accordance with the provisions of the "illegal discharge, dumping, disposal of hazardous waste more than three tons" was "serious pollution of the environment."

Law enforcement officials said that enterprises should build a standardized hazardous waste dumping sites, requiring wind, sun, rain and ground seepage; the waste emulsion placed in a hazardous waste container, and placed in hazardous waste yard .

In accordance with relevant regulations, the three companies suspected of not taking appropriate preventive measures, resulting in pollution of the environment, will face environmental administrative penalties; behavioral parties suspected of illegal discharge of toxic substances, was transferred to the public security department administrative detention.

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