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The second group of Central Environmental Protection Inspectors was dispatched

Source : JiuPei(Shanghai) │ Date : 2016-12-05 | Clicks: Loading ...

China Environmental Monitoring Station issued a message, 28 -29 days, central and southern Beijing, Tianjin, southern Shanxi, western Shandong and northern Henan may be a moderate to severe pollution process, affecting the city, including Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Cangzhou, Handan, Taiyuan, Linfen , Jinan and other cities. Which 28 to 29 evening to the most affected, local areas may reach 200-300 micrograms PM2.5 / cubic meter. 30, affected by weak cold air, heavy pollution situation slightly eased.

December 1, the gradual deterioration of the diffusion conditions, central and southern Beijing and Tianjin and parts of western Shandong may be serious pollution.

This makes everyone's mood and heavy up, hold the blue sky ye so hard!

Saying the environmental protection of this matter, the central is really attention, can be light above anxious useless, ah, the best way is to put pressure on environmental protection conduction, so that the real move up, dry up, do not have to be punished.

This is not the first batch of Central Environmental Protection Inspector's feedback came out, the second batch of Central Inspectorate Group has dispatched, seven groups went to seven provinces and cities, simply can not stop ah!

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