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US Enterprise Emulsion Treatment Project

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Analysis of the Characteristics of Waste Emulsions

Emulsion wastewater Main components:

Surfactants: oleic acid, tall carbonic acid, castor oil, rosin and other soaps; sulfonated oil, sodium petroleum sulfonate, sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate and other sulfonate and sulfuric acid lipids; Salts and other sulfuric acid lipids.

Alkaloids: sodium carbonate, triethanolamine, phenylethanolamine;

Oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor: barium petroleum sulfonate, zinc naphthenate, lanolin and so on. Phenol, tetrachlorophenol, sodium thimerosal and the like. Triethanolamine, ethanol, isopropanol and the like. A small amount of water and ethanol mixture. Aminated paraffin, stearic acid chloride and so on. Acid phosphate. Tricresyl phosphate and the like, sulfurized fatty oils, sulfurized oleic acid, dimerized ethylene glycol, and the like. Emulsion wastewater components above the factory are different, for reference only.

Emulsion wastewater main features:

1, oil content is high, the general oil content of 3% to 5%, the oil content of 30000 ~ 50000mg / L, COD up to 40000 ~ 80000mg / L;

2, micro-emulsion state is good, high stability. Emulsion stability is an important indicator of quality requirements, due to the role of surfactant, oil particle size is generally 5μm ~ 0.05μm, emulsion even standing for a long time, or in low temperature and high temperature even in the boiling state is difficult Breaking

3, metal ions, solid particle size smaller, higher content. Metal dust generated during the recycling of small metal particles, including copper, zinc, etc. attached to the emulsion, also showed a more stable dispersion.

2 process

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