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Aerospace waste emulsion treatment
Aerospace waste emulsion treatment
Shanghai Jiupei has a complete network of services and professional team, tailored to customers solutions, and the entire project from the capital, environmental impact assessment, project implementation, equipment supply, installation and commissioning to the late professional operation and technical support of the one-stop service.
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1, based on the value creation mode of operation

In the service of Shanghai Jiupei, the company has been adhering to the concept of "value creation based on operation" and has completed the construction and operation of environmental protection infrastructure on a long-term development time scale, paying special attention to the long-term effectiveness of environmental protection facilities. Manage every engineering and operational detail.

2, close to industry customers, long-term accumulation of engineering and technical services

Shanghai Jiupei completed a large number of milestone projects, for our commitment to fulfill the customer has accumulated rich experience. In the aerospace waste emulsion treatment to provide engineering and technical services to the integrity of the process, to help customers identify the most suitable targeted solutions.

3, professional team and a large number of patents, proprietary technology

Over the years the formation and accumulation of a wealth of patents, know-how, so that we can provide customers with an optimized emulsion processing solutions.

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